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Inspiring a Love of Nature and Science for All of Ventura County

Join us for our monthly evening STEAM speaker series in Santa Paula with scientists sharing engaging stories from outer space to the deep ocean, and everything in between!


We have outreach programs and curriculum kits for schools. Our outreach programs include large assembly presentations for up to 200 students at a time, ranging in subjects from paleontology, oceanography, energy & technology, and biodiversity & agriculture. We also have many focused activities for individual classrooms. Our curriculum kits aim to provide materials and complete units for classroom use.

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Our traveling STEAM exhibits visit other schools, science centers, and museums here and abroad. At Leap Lab Farms we fabricate exhibits locally. All exhibits will come back to Ventura County once we've secured our building site..

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Getting people of all ages into the field to experience hands-on science is essential to our success. We’ve been digging dinosaurs annually in Wyoming for 30 years and take crews of all ages to join us. We’re building a world-class collection of fossils for our science center.  We will also be hosting sailing expeditions to understand and explore ocean conservation issues. Inquire to learn more.

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Leap Lab Farm

We design, 3D print, and fabricate exhibits in our workshop, curate fossil collections, and utilize our 15 acres to demonstrate permaculture farming  techniques.

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Leap Lab aims to bring a science center to Ventura County to engage local communities in science literacy and self-reliance. Donations will help support a) the delivery of STEAM education to 20 school districts, serving approximately 140,000 K-12 students. b) providing equity and access to science c) Preparing future generations to lead with solutions and innovation in an increasingly complex world. 

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Marcus Eriksen, PhD

Executive Director of Leap Lab

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Executive Director of Leap Lab

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Digital & Creative Strategist


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